Ojai in Ventura County, Farm to Fork at its Finest


The setting for the beautiful community of Ojai looks like something out of a movie and it’s no suprise that movie stars and movie buffs have found this beautiful little oasis a magical getaway for decades.

Situated in a ten mile long valley surrounded by hills, mountain vistas, and perfumed with seemingly endless orchards of fragrant citrus groves and orchards, Ojai encompasses the least populated incorporated area in the county. This beautiful valley provides a peaceful getaway for travelers looking for serenity and a slower pace of life.

Ojai is lined up geographically with an east-west mountain range, making it one of few towns on the globe to have a “Pink Moment” which occurs as the sun is setting, just as the fading sunlight creates a brilliant shade of pink for several minutes on the Topatopa Bluffs at the east end of the Valley.


Ojai is a cultural hub and home of the Ojai Film Festival, showcasing world famous independent films since 2000.

Its music festival has been going strong for over a half a century and showcases performances by some of the world’s top musicians and composers. Moreover, Ojai is also home to the annual  Ojai Playwrights Conference, yet another famous festival. This two week long festival draws professional writers and actors from across the country.

The Ojai Storytelling Festival is another well received festival drawing visitors from around the globe.

The Lavender Festival in June celebrates everything Lavender including plants, products, and cooking.

The peacefulness of Ojai, along with the Mediterranean climate and beautiful fertile valley, makes this a very romantic option for a getaway.


Staying at Su Nido is a fantastic choice for a luxurious and romantic abode away from home.

With Mission Revival Style suites luxuriously appointed, you may choose to stay in for awhile and just soak up the ambiance of this charmingly romantic inn and its tranquil mission style courtyard. Delightfully comfortable beds, kitchenettes, delicious and healthy snacks, and pure tranquility are just a few reasons to consider this centrally located and relaxing locale. Everything downtown is within a short walking distance.

Another possibility is the lovely Lavender Inn. This historic bed and breakfast in what once a schoolhouse, provides elegance and serenity in a lovely garden setting and atmosphere. Delightful homemade, gourmet breakfasts enjoyed in the gardens are the epitome of romance. To further provide an oasis of peace, joy, and relaxation, the Lavender Inn is also home of the Lavender Spa and Ojai Culinary School.

We took a remarkable tour with Cloud Climbers Jeep Tours.  Our sightseeing adventure shared an adventurous and educational glimpse of Ojai which exposed us to the history, gourmet flavors, and to many qualities the Ojai Valley offers visitors.

Very convenient for first time visitors who aren’t familiar with the area, Cloud Climbers Jeep Tours provides door-to-door service from all area hotels. This allows participants a few hours to sit back, relax, and enjoy the majesty of the valley from their canopied, custom, open-air Jeeps.

Quiet winding country roads, off-the-pavement dirt trails, secret gardens, and hard to reach exclusive vistas were part of our excursion. Our off-roading trek into the foothills gave us an opportunity to witness lake, mountain, and valley views along with the flora and fauna of the area.

We thoroughly enjoyed sampling local gourmet olive oils at Ojai Olive Oils. Some were from century-old heirloom trees and the flavored and vintage varieties were astounding. We loved the basil, and mandarin flavored oils.

The grand finale of our tour took us to a sampling and  wine tasting at Old Creek Ranch Winery. The peaceful grounds and excellent wines were a wonderful ending to our Jeep Tour. We delighted in several outstanding Syrahs and an unusual Albarino Ice Wine.


With the Ojai Valley being so richly fertile and surrounded by agricultural areas, it makes sense that Ojai offers diners a unique experience in an authentic farm to fork experience. For the most romantic and serene dining experience in the valley you must dine at Bodee’s.

The setting is spectacular as you dine outside next to a meandering creek in a waterscaped patio setting amongst beautiful plants. Refreshingly savory and fresh fare featuring locally and on-site grown produce prepared in the generations-old and original Bodee’s style make this a delectable culinary treat.

Exceptionally prepared steaks, melt in your mouth ribs, fresh sea food, unique appetizers, and desserts are all painstakingly prepared and accompanied with delicious fresh delights grown right on the premises. Even the cocktails are true works of art. You’ll want to order the special sangria.

Third-generation-owner Michele Cromer-Bentivolio is as committed as her ancestors to providing all her guests with a thoroughly unique and memorable dining experience

this photo courtesy of Bodee’s

as she works to preserve her Ojai legacy. She succeeds in every facet as this is an absolute must stop in Ojai.

You will also want to check out Bodee’s Rancho Grande, a spectacular back country ranch experience.

Azu Restaurant in downtown Ojai makes their own wonderful gourmet gelato and offers another dining experience using fresh meats and produce from locals farms in authentic Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.

For lunch, Osteria Monte Grappa offers the most extensive full, authentic Italian menu one could find. Delightful gourmet delicacies are overflowing on the menu and served on the patio. This restaurant surprises with outstanding quality and attention to detail in every offering.

Perfect for breakfast or brunch the Ojai Cafe Emporium serves hearty portions of gargantuan home made muffins and scones along with typical fresh entrees one would expect from a well known breakfast cafe.

If you truly appreciate farm fresh produce, served in delightfully varied and enticing ways, then you’ll want to spend some time in Ojai’s best farm to fork eateries.

Ojai is much more than beautiful; it’s a bouquet of flavors, colors, aromas—a true sensual road trip experience.