Griff’s BBQ & Grill— A Different Kind of Mine in the Gold Country

Griff’s Barbecue & Grill in Copperopolis, California is located in the new Copperopolis Town Square and is a delightful surprise.

It’s absolutely no wonder that folks come as far as Stockton and Sacramento to sink their teeth into succulent melt-in-your-mouth ribs and Barbecue at Griff’s where hospitality, service, ambiance and taste are a winning combination. Historic saw blades, metal work, reclaimed antique timbers and ore carts decorate the homey, lumberjack and mining style establishment.

Quality is hard to find in a Barbecue joint but owner “Griff” as he is affectionately known by his patrons, has struck the Mother Lode when it comes to excellent food and quality in each and every single thing he serves to his repeat customers.

True goodness doesn’t come easy but Griff puts in the effort with natural high quality beef, homemade from scratch sides and desserts made with local ingredients and painstakingly made by hand the old-fashioned way. Griff knows how to pay attention to detail.

Large helpings, delicious homemade sauces and seasonings, authentic local and historical décor, and friendly down-to-earth waitstaff are just a few of the details that create such an outstanding dining experience in a place where you come to eat as a customer and leave feeling like you’ve made new friends and struck it rich with your own culinary discovery.

Pulled Pork, Brisket, Slow Smoked Chicken, and Ribs are a few of the signature items and each one is tender, flavorful and moist. No fat, no gristle and no fighting with bones to get your fill. Salads like Cole Slaw and Potato Salad are flavorful and delicious, a refreshing opposite extreme from so many boring bland competitor’s sides at chain type restaurants.

The Mac and Cheese is hearty, and savory. No comparison to the Mac served in most places.

Desserts are homemade and like mom used to make only if you were one lucky kid. Fresh local berries and fruits are used. And the signature homemade s’mores are truly rich, decadent and oh, so gooey and messy and yummy. Don’t share one. Get your own. A few bites are not enough!

Griff’s is only now celebrating a year of success but undoubtedly will be celebrating many more as the word spreads. There is no place better to eat in the area and without argument they have the best Barbecue in 5 nearby counties.

As if that is not enough Griff and his family are good people. It’s refreshing to find a nice family guy with a passion who has found his niche and fills it well.

No need to travel to Kansas City or Texas where serious Barbecue is found. It’s recently arrived in the Gold Rush Country of California and Griff’s is creating and carving out a piece of his own history and reputation. If anyone tells you California doesn’t have legendary Barbecue, they haven’t been to Griff’s BBQ & Grill.