North Tahoe….Weather…or Not

Our guest post comes from Kim Ruccione, RN, a city slicker at heart. Kim grew up in a small ethnic community 20 minutes outside the urban jungle of Manhattan.  Road Tripping for her family was taking a wrong turn off the Brooklyn bridge.  Day Trips to the Jersey shore were the summer highlight. Kim became a travel nurse and experienced places from Nantucket to Hawaii.  Kim considered it a thrill to spread her wings and get paid and has been trippin’ ever since. Now a Clinical Laser Nurse Specialist and mom of two elementary age girls, she’s published several articles in Dermatology journals and has lectured to Physician’s internationally. Kim’s girls have a goal to visit every state by the age of 15; Kim hopes to help them achieve that goal.

photos courtesy of Kim Ruccione

So what can you do in North Tahoe when your summer vacation turns into a winter wonderland?  Be a good scout and be prepared!  Vacations are a place to relax, find adventure and be with the ones you love.

The first weeks of summer in Tahoe have definitely left us with a lot of snuggle time and indoor activities.  Of course you can still use that bathing suit you packed, in the Jacuzzi!  Many come to hike the 165 miles of trails that encompass this pristine alpine lake.
Many of the trails are slippery, wet and still snow covered leaving the hiking to those more adventurous.  The snow capped mountains are as romantic as they are scenic.

So while waiting for Mr. Sunshine, there’s a boatload of leisurely adventures that can still make this vacation memorable. The Tahoe Gal, the only eco friendly, low emissions, fuel efficient, fully enclosed paddle wheel will send you floating the crystal clear waters and stellar splendor of Lake Tahoe. The crew and captain will set your adventure a sail with a warm welcome from Jordan Boerner, the photographer who is all too happy to capture the moment in time with a beautiful keepsake photo. Larry Boerner, owner of The Tahoe Gal welcomes his crew and passengers before setting sail.

The Tahoe Gal has ample enclosed seating on both the upper and lower deck. A full menu and bar is available at reasonable prices. Rain, snow or shine, this vessel makes valuable memories for a glorious afternoon. The party rocks on this summer with local bands out of Sacramento like Mumbo Gumbo. Special events like this shouldn’t be missed!

This vessel departs from the Lighthouse pier in Tahoe City.  Truly a value when you see the grandeur of this intimate vessel amongst the valiant mountains surrounding the 72 miles of pristine shoreline at Lake Tahoe. Life moves a bit slower on the North shore of Tahoe while locals continue to celebrate the mountain lifestyle.

photos courtesy of Kim Ruccione

The grand splendor, year round pampering, and casinos will quell your senses into pure enjoyment. To excite your motoring palette, journey to the Tahoe Maritime Museum. It will stimulate interest in Tahoe maritime history.  This two-story building is artwork unto itself.  The museum is home to a grand collection of outboard motors, historic wooden boats, models, photographs, aquaplanes and water skis. The boat simulator is a fun way to sample being on the lake while never leaving land. The $5 donation is a drop in the lake to enjoy a unique piece of history and memorabilia.

Dining at Big Water Grille located in Incline Village boasts beautiful panoramic views laced with impeccable service. This restaurant is a must-do to ignite any relationship.