A Winter Daytrip and Brunch at Rainbow Lodge in Cisco Grove, California

Originally a stage stop from the 1800’s, Rainbow Lodge is a romantic Sierra hideaway where couples can savor a spectacular weekend brunch or respite in a majestic snowy wonderland between Sacramento and Reno.

Built from burnished hand-hewn logs and local granite in 1869, Rainbow Lodge was once a gathering place for local residents and passersby.

While you wait for your deliciously prepared gourmet brunch, or cocktail you’ll want to browse through the memorabilia and historic artifacts and photos that create a museum of the lodge’s colorful history. Antique skis, spittoons, and other conversation pieces always spark guests’ interest.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery from the gorgeous and elegant dining room while waiting for specialties such as the Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops and Eggs, the High Sierra Omelet, and the famous French Onion Soup Gratin, or Wild Boar Stew.

Adding to the charm of this magical little haven is the pure artesian spring deep inside the granite above Rainbow Lodge. This very special water is served at the lodge in hot and cold beverages alike.

It would be a shame, but if you don’t have time for brunch, a full bar provides a cozy respite from a day out in the elements or just a stopover from a ski trip, day trip to or from Tahoe, or even an exhilarating tubing excursion in Cisco Grove at nearby Tubes R Us.

Rainbow Lodge’s beautiful rock fireplace is nestled in a cozy great room with books and games and provides the perfect place to warm up and unwind a bit after a day out in the snowy great outdoors.

Just five minutes away from Rainbow Lodge, is an energizing outdoor activity at Cisco Grove’s Tubes R Us where friendly folks offer couples and families, beautifully manicured tubing hills and a magic carpet lift so you really can enjoy the tubing rather than spending all your time trekking up the hill.

Even aside from its legendary and sumptuous brunch, Rainbow Lodge is so wonderful that you may be tempted to return for a cup of hot tea, coffee or even a hot toddy again after tubing. It’s so close, why not?

Legend has it, that once during a rambunctious card game at Rainbow Lodge, an argument ensued between players which resulted in the winnings of a card game being buried somewhere on the Rainbow Lodge property. To date, nobody has ever found the loot but modern day visitors will all agree that they have found their own hidden treasure when they discover the beauty of Rainbow Lodge and the area.