Dollywood, A Classy Couple’s Answer to Theme Parks

dollywoodIf you are looking for a classy and fun way to enjoy some kid-like recreation, you will want to visit Dollywood as a couple.

Sometimes it’s good to do something youthful as a couple that revitalizes the playfulness that brought you together in the first place.

Recently we made our ¬†pilgrimage to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge/Sevierville, Tennessee and were, once again, delighted to see so much new excitement. This gem of Tennessee has long been one of our favorites for an all inclusive couples “fun” destination. In fact, we would return every year if we didn’t live on the opposite coast.

DollywoodFor us as a couple, Dollywood is always the pinnacle of our trips to Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. Dolly Parton’s prize is, by far, our favorite major theme park in the nation, and we’ve been to them all. Dollywood is always, without waivering, a top quality, class act, through and through. It never disappoints in attraction quality, cleanliness, and stellar customer service and hospitality.

The newest attraction we encountered on this recent visit is the new “Wild Eagle.” Dollywood knows how to please everyone with rides of all types and thrill levels. There are no ugly, grotesque, evil/dark themed attractions. Everything is clean, patriot, in good taste, and unoffensive.

For a couple hoping to truly dine while having theme park fun, the food at Dollywood is also very good, mostly southern comfort food, and a welcomed change to the ordinary hot dog or chili fries that you’ll find at most theme parks. Several pleasant sit down restaurants offer real, Tennessee-style food. You will find excellent service to boot, no matter what dining experience you choose. Things like pulled pork, cobblers, steamed veggies, salads, hearty homemade soups and freshly baked cornbread and pies are common staples.

The clean cut and polite employees of all ages at Dollywood are also exceptionally hospitable, warm, and friendly. Hosts will make you feel as though you are visiting them personally, and any stranger who works there will surely treat you like a friend. Dolly treats her employees well and it shows. They are even happy to tell you about it if you ask. Many of the hosts are local senior citizens as Dolly is committed to supporting her community in countless ways.

If either of you pause to look at a map, someone will likely approach you within moments to ask if you need assistance. If you get thirsty and look for refreshment, they will either bring you a cup of water or supply one free of charge, at any kiosk, if you ask. It truly seems like you are a guest at a friend’s home, and certainly not at an amusement park. Even the restrooms have fresh flowers.

The Dolly Museum is one of our favorites. It depicts the very interesting story and life of Dolly Parton, her background, movies, singing career, family and relationship with God. This museum is heartwarming and certain to give you a deep respect for this amazing business woman and philanthropist. The line is always a bit long but a tour of Dolly’s fancy tour bus is a fun highlight.

We have visited Dollywood during Christmas and also during the harvest season and summertime. It’s lovely any time of year with Christmas being absolutely magnificent with inspirational decorations and magical music and shows throughout the park.¬†We try to time our visits to Dollywood to enjoy the various seasons, as each individual time of year has spectacular decorations, music, botanical exhibits and cheer.

While Dollywood does offer fun and excitement that appeals to all ages, it is culturally rich with spectacular shows, impressive world-famous musical acts, and is one class act, through and through.