Vancouver To Seattle By RV

photos courtesy of Bill and Bonnie Neely
photos courtesy of Bill and Bonnie Neely

Our guest post comes from Bonnie & Bill Neely of: Real Travel Adventures Ezine – Your free online monthly travel magazine with hundreds of features and photos on travel to anywhere.

Bill drove through the terrible traffic of Vancouver, British Columbia, to the Capillano Suspension Bridge, which was on our list of  Must Sees, but we discovered it was high and scary and cost $15, so we all declined.  It was still early, so we stopped at the First Nations Reservation Gift Shop and found wonderful native arts and crafts and bought a few books and trinkets.  It is all so very expensive now, they really know what their work is worth. We returned to the RV and decided to hike to Stanley Park across the Bridge.

It was a wonderful hike with great views of the city and good photos and we hiked across Lions Gate and up to Prospect Point with the pretty flower clock and Pam and Harry encountered resident racoons.  A good last stop before we had to leave Vancouver.

We hiked back and packed up the RV to check out and leave it in overflow for awhile.  Next we drove to Gouse Mountain to take the funicular-like cable gondola to the mountain top for a view.  But when we discovered it was $21 we all decided we had had enough views for free, so we left.

BB_1We had to get on the road to Seattle so we could avoid rush hour traffic here and there, so we reluctantly pulled out.  The traffic was slow so we had to forego our stop at the fishing village of Stevenson we had wanted to see.  We drove to the USA  border crossing, eating all our fruit along the way so as not to lose it.  We stopped at the customs house to get our ValueAddedTax back and make last Canadian purchases, but they were not cheaper here!  We had a fast and uneventful crossing back into US, and no one even asked about weapons!

The drive took much longer than we’d expected, but the way was lovely.  We’re sad that this is the end of the trip.  At the end of the afternoon Bill surprised me by finding the lovely town of Everett, which has gorgeous flowers and is right on the Pacific Ocean.  We returned to Anthony’s Restaurant, where we loved our two meals on other trips, and had a wonderful sunset seafood dinner for our last Hurrah before departing.

BB2The flowers, yachts anchored here, and the sunset made an exquisite setting.  Our RV house guests presented us with a beautifully framed photo of Mt. Rainier, our favorite place, and a view from Reflection Lake, which we had not been able to get with our cameras.  It is so lovely and such a perfect memento of our trip together.

We drove on the Seattle and passed through the city at sunset and it was gorgeous with the twilight and the lights just coming on everywhere, backed by the orange glow of after sunset reflected in Puget Sound, a great parting sight to remember.