Montana River Guides, A Perfect Rafting Experience

20130710-IMG_8542-6Our recent trip to Montana was one of our best yet thanks to the outstanding experience we had white water rafting with Montana River Guides. We’ve rafted all sorts of rivers and classes in many different countries and this was our best ever over-all rafting experience.

The unparalleled, majestic beauty, breathtaking gorges and spectacular wildlife had something to do with it, we will admit. But truly the experience was impeccable due to the impressive staff and guide we encountered.

The pre-raft trip safety talk was both entertaining and informative. We never once rolled our eyes and we actually learned a lot of valuable skills and safety as our both certified and highly-trained guide prepped us for the adventure.

We liked that our guide was trained in whitewater rescue. We felt confident and safe as we donned our helmets and gear with a slightly nervous smile, ready for the adventure.

These guys know their stuff as the Alberton Gorge’s leading river outfitter and it’s quite impressive that the Discovery Channel chooses them for whitewater advice.

Ours was a half day trip and was perfect, although we could have enjoyed more. We traversed a half dozen major class 3+ rapids including Tumbleweed, Fang, and Fuzzy Bunnies. After surviving the big rapids wet but unbruised, we even enjoyed a relaxing break outside the raft, floating through the calmest ripples alongside our raft of onlookers. It was a treat well deserved after our team of fellow rafters had worked very hard to follow our guide’s meticulous and detailed directions. We managed to all stay inside the raft and none of us found ourselves wrapped around any boulders or snagged in any debris.

20130710-IMG_8554The views along the way were enjoyed by all, while we always awaited our next challenge nervous with excitement. It was a wonderful and exhilarating dichotomy of utter relaxation, peppered with huge adrenaline rushes. Osprey, bald eagles and gorgeous flora and fauna made the trip a real treat between adrenaline dumps.

At the end of our trip, we were bused back to our original “put in” spot where snacks and drinks were waiting to quench our thirst.

The experience was top-notch as were the photos that had been captured of our entire trip, from Montana River Photography. The next time you want to experience a stellar white water rafting experience that’s high on excitement, very reasonably priced, safe and thoroughly enjoyable for all ages and levels, the best choice is Montana River Guides.