Toddy Gear: Screensters

Screen100% microfiber, character-inspired line of cleaning dolls bring a hint of flair, fun and colorful personality to your mobile devices and electronics.

Want something fun and stylish to throw in your purse or carryon when you travel, just for cleaning your electronic sensitive surfaces? Your iPad, iPod, laptop, cameras, sunglasses, eye glasses, GPS or pretty much anything that needs its screen cleaned, never looked so good.

Toddy Gear, the maker of Screenster, began in 2010 with one simple goal: clean screens effectively and fashionably, enhancing the world’s gadgets. Their premium microfiber cleaning products redefine how traveling folks care for their electronics. The success of the Smart Cloth led to product line expansion centered around a few common denominators: smart and functional microfiber construction with antimicrobial protection.

The Screenster uses dual sided, plush microfiber, fun and distinctive colors and patterns, antimicrobial coatings, hydrophilic materials to absorb oils and remove dust and smudges. They are reusuable and washable, thus environmentally friendly.

The cute and stylish Screenster is popular with all ages and it hangs out in your purse, back pack or carryon ready to keep your digital products clean and shiny. Best of all when flying, they are formulated to work without any messy liquids or sprays.