Sioux Falls, Rich Destination in the Midwest

IMG_2994When one thinks of a rich yet unique travel destination one might first consider more notable travel meccas such as Southern California, Galveston, New York City, Branson, or Myrtle Beach but by doing so a traveler misses one of the best destination treasures in our nation, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sioux Falls offers golfing, spas, shopping, cowboy culture, history, spectacular beauty and vistas, agri-tourism, winetasting, Hutterite communities, rodeos, outstanding dining, and all of this with truly memorable hospitality and small town charm balanced with big city life.

A couple memorable highlights of our recent trip included a visit to Sioux Falls McCrossen Boys Ranch Xtreme Challenge Rodeo. One of the best rodeos we had ever attended, it was fun, fascinating and offered a real and insightful taste of true Americana and the rural side of Sioux Falls. Some of the nation’s best bull riders and fastest barrel racers kept the excitement going all evening as young and old competed throughout the evening. And the sunset across the prairie was nothing short of magical.

IMG_2904Another gem of our visit was to Oak Lane Hutterite Colony. There we witnessed the amazing life of this 9000 acre colony of folks dedicated to outstanding stewardship of their land and livestock. These self sustaining and deeply faith-based colonies grow and maintain what is needed for their population. Hog, dairy and turkey farmers, these kind and generous people, showed us their talents, blessings, workmanship and stewardship of the land they maintain and share with any who are respectful of their values and principles. Our visit was inspiring, enlightening and very educational.

Sioux Falls is a wonderful stop off on the way to the Black Hills or Mount Rushmore. Take a little time to discover the beauty of Sioux Falls.