Wicked Audio’s Evac Headphones, A Premium Traveling Choice

I recently tried Wicked Audio’s Evac Headphones and if they can pass my scrutiny with flying colors, then there’s a good chance they will pass yours too. I own and typically enjoy other brands that costs four times as much, so Wicked Audio must be on to something with these much more affordable over the ear, headphones.

With enhanced bass, noise reduction, a braided cord, gold plated plug, and collapsible/folding ear cups, they pack a lot of great features into a mere 11 oz.

Offering a four foot cord, double thickness cushions, low profile fabric headband, rounded ear cups for precise and optimal sound quality and nuance, and a choice of black, white or Army green, these headphones exude quality and cool. The packaging itself is fun and military style. You almost expect a the package to present a sleek, classified military-issue reconnaissance device until you open it and behold the trendy yet lustrous audio equipment inside.

From a practical standpoint, I was pleased how they stayed on my head without slipping around and actually felt comfortable after hours of usage.

I also noted that the life-like quality seemed as though I was really at a live concert when enjoying my music.

If you are looking for the quality of a $400 pair of headphones at a fraction of the cost, you will be more than pleased. I recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a high quality, low cost over-the-ear headphone, and they just happen to have a lifetime warranty too.

Available at: Select International Retailers
Price: $49.99