Westin St. Francis Hotel’s Annual Holiday Tradition is Relived and Celebrated

The beautiful and historic Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco has hosted its fair share of celebrities and dignitaries for well over a century. Upon checking in, you’ll feel suitably regal if not from the service alone, then from a quick appraisal of previous guests whose memorabilia adorn the walls and gift shop.

Known for its holiday grandeur, the Westin St. Francis has quite a history. This year like so many years in the past, the Christmas magic has created a stir as hundreds recently came to watch the momentous unveiling of the giant sugar castle. This enormous and spectacular twelve foot, rotating castle was created by a team of eight world renown pastry chefs at the Westin St. Francis. It took about five months to build this edifice of twenty towers, weighing in at a mere 1200 pounds and complete with an operating train.

Famous icons from the past year are incorporated into the magnificent sugar castle. It’s almost like a Where’s Waldo for both grown ups and kids, as gawkers can enjoy spying famous notable figures of the year in and around the castle.

As if that’s not enough fun to get you into the spirit, the entire luxurious property is decked with gorgeous Christmas trees and decorations throughout its lobbies and grounds.

Ice skating at Union Square is literally a few feet from the front door, and did I say shopping? Any couple will love creating holiday memories with a full day of shopping at Union Square before a peaceful night’s slumber in the comfy, fluffy and cozy Heavenly BedsĀ® at the St. Francis.

Guests of the Saint Francis can register at Macy’s across the street for substantial discounts just for being a visitor. We did!

Excellent eateries are within a block so once you check in, you can relax and stay put to immerse yourself in the magic.

For a truly jolly holiday Christmas shopping escape, take a day or two away to enjoy the Westin St. Francis and Union Square in San Francisco.