Belden Town Resort and Lodge

In the heart of the Feather River Canyon of Plumas County, California we recently stumbled upon a little, lesser known historic resort. It was a holiday three-day weekend and we were pretty resigned to the fact that finding a last minute campground or resort to hook up our RV after 5 p.m. on a Friday was not a likely success story in the making.

But as my husband maneuvered our RV through rush hour traffic, as thousands of other spur-of-the-moment travelers made their way out of town for a jaunt, I Goolged options and up came Beldon Town Resort and Lodge.

The friendly staff who answered my call, said to come on down, so away we went on yet another spontaneous adventure.

When we arrived two scenic hours later, we were pleasantly surprised how this affrodable, small and peaceful little historic resort was situated overlooking the serene Feather River.

Several amazingly, still free RV spaces kept things quiet around our little abode for the next three days. We hiked; we fished; we played ping pong and pool in the funky little lodge. It was low key, very peaceful and no stress. We did venture into the nearby town of Quincy one afternoon for some provisions but other than that we mostly disconnected from progress and played board games and swam with the dog.

There wasn’t a lot to do, but we liked it that way. It slowed the pace a bit, something we all need to do whether we admit it or not, once in a great while.

A little general store, deck, and bar are on site and even some meals are served on a super small scale at this little historic resort.

They offer full RV hook ups, tent sites, little rustic cabins for rent and they even offer music festivals throughout the year.

It’s small, unique, eclectic and not well known. For a quiet little, impromptu camping getaway, it certainly fit the bill. We plan to return.