Vallarta Adventures, Las Caletas

Recently while aboard the beautiful Disney Wonder on a cruise to Mexico, we decided to try a different kind of shore excursion. It exceeded our expectations. Usually we tend to do more independent shore exploring but this shore excursion proved to be an excellent choice for something done in a group and with planning. And for traveling couples who might be concerned about safety while going ashore in Mexico, this gives an excellent and safe option.

Upon arriving in Puerto Vallarta we were whisked away by excellent and amusing guides, who took us to the “other side” of Puerto Vallarta that has long been one of our favorite Mexican, romantic destinations.

After about 20-30 minutes by boat we approached Las Caletas, an isolated and unspoiled, private beach hideaway and former home to once famous film director John Houston. But the ride was half the fun as our crew danced, and provided excellent comic relief along with snacks, drinks and music. Amazingly, they blended hilarious antics and dance routines with a naturalists’ perspective on the flora and fauna along the way. It was a peculiar mix but provided a more-than-entertaining transit.

Upon arrival to the private magic oasis, we were greeted by exotic birds who, on cue flew out to our boat to welcome us. Handsome cabana boys waved welcome as did pretty, exotic ladies you would expect to see in a tropical movie.

While we sampled the fun activities at Las Caletas such as snorkeling, kayaking, Parrot and Monkey Encounters, Guided Nature Walks, Cooking Lessons, massages and more, a lovely and authentic Mexican lunch was created for all to enjoy after working up an appetite.

Unlimited beer and soft drinks drinks were offered throughout our stay at no cost. We felt welcome and immersed in a tropical culture, even if only for an afternoon. We opted for down time too, swinging in hammocks and lounging in a private cove on a padded cabana outlook perched high above the sea. It was quite romantic and very relaxing.

This was a quality excursion through and through. There are not too many shore excursions we would repeat but this is certainly one of the few.