Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World, the Wilder Side of Lodging

Why set an alarm clock when you can be awakened by the soft clicking of an Eland, the grunts of a White-Bearded Wildebeest, or the call of Greater Kudu?

No you won’t even need malaria shots or a passport for this African lodging experience but you will need a sense of adventure and passion for the Savanna.

A unique lodging experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is anything but run of the mill. Sure, you might find comfortably appointed rooms, good service and helpful amenities at other properties but you are not likely able to open up your slider door to commune with Ostriches, Impalas, and Giraffes from your balcony at most other hotels.

From the moment you arrive you will be transported to another place, one of exotic animals, culture, music, food and the African Savanna.

The grounds outside are beautifully landscaped with giant boulders, exotic plants, and stunning waterfalls. Inside gorgeous architecture, beautiful wall coverings, African art and artifacts inspire and intrigue.

Couples visiting can enjoy year round activities that educate and entertain in perfect cadence with the theme. African Folktales, Cultural Music, Wine tasting, and Culinary events are just a few choices.

If you are going to plan a stay at Disney World, then why not immerse yourselves in the true African experience. It’s an African style Lodge Resort on a 43 acre wildlife preserve, it’s gorgeous, and it’s just plain wild!