Massage At Tahoe, Sheer Heaven on Vacation

Lake Tahoe is one of those places where you can be perfectly content to do nothing, or play so hard muscles you didn’t know your muscles could scream. No matter which category you fall into, massage is a perfect way to make your stay in Tahoe even more memorable and complete.

Every time I’m in Tahoe I know where to go to give myself the perfect treat and to make my vacation the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. I stumbled on Massage at Tahoe a few years ago when I had actually arrived in Tahoe aching and sore. On that trip it seemed the best way to start my getaway but now I realize it’s the only way to pamper myself after a day or weekend of water skiing, snow skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking or any other outdoor exertion.

Therapists at A Massage at Tahoe design massages for the individual client — none of that assembly-line type of massages that seems to be so common today. And to make things even more convenient, therapists can bring a table to you. That’s right, you can have your own little slice of heaven in your hotel room or back at the casino in the privacy of your own space and time.

A Massage at Tahoe also offers spa treatments in their office as well — foot therapy, facial massages and salt scrubs. A full list of packages is on the website —