Dollywood, The Classiest Theme Park in the Country

Perhaps no better fun loving couples vacation destination exists than Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the the gorgeous, Great Smoky Mountains. And Dollywood is its crown jewel.

We try to go almost every year and the fun and memories just keep on getting better.

Better than anything on either coast, with absolutely everything a couple could need or want for fun, delicious food, pampering, educational entertainment, shopping, music, and top notch hospitality, this gem of a fun-loving destination leaves no stone unturned, as far as we are concerned. It’s rare to find such a place where you’d be hard pressed to find a flaw.

Southern hospitality at its best, southern cooking at its finest, and unlimited attractions for every age and prefernce, Dollywood has it all and Dolly does it in style.

Every time we ‘ve gone to the area and done everything from skydiving to Broadway shows to Titanic exhibits, zip lining, and dinner theaters, Dollywood was still the highlight of each visit.

This impeccably clean, fun,  and safe theme park truly stands alone providing a quality experience.

Visitors will notice that customer service there (yes, even at a theme park) is outstanding. I once asked am employee where the nearest water fountain was on an unusually hot and humid summer day and she not only told me, but then asked me to wait while she brought me a cup of cool water.

The rides, restaurants, restrooms, and everything are impeccably clean the way theme parks always used to be.

In Dollywood’s sit down restaurants your server will typically offer better service than most high end eating establishments. You won’t feel rushed and you’ll enjoy so many delicious foods that frankly, would never even pose an option at any other theme park.

And we’ve even found the food at the restaurants to be of exceptional quality and fairly reasonably priced. At a theme park? Yes, at a theme park. I know it seems unbelievable. But once you have experienced it, you’ll be ruined for other theme parks, no matter how large or how famous.

The rides and attractions are safe, uncrowded, and pleasant in every regard. It really is a class act.

The musical and theatrical performances are top notch. Excellent costumes, phenomenal talent, and exceptional choreography are predictable. But with Dolly Parton behind it all, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. She’s a shrewd and talented business woman as you’ll learn from many of the museums and exhibits throughout the park.

You’ll find employees who go the extra mile in every regard. I was once looking at a map, deciding what we should do next and an employee politely walked up and inquired as to whether they could help us find something!

The employees who operate most of the rides and attractions tend to be, largely senior citizens. This is wonderful because not only does Dollywood provide an honest wage to these locals but they take exceptional pride in their jobs. They are clean-cut, respectful, and enjoyable to be around, as they take their jobs seriously and truly value the customers.

The fun is wholesome through and through. Rides and attractions and music are classy with nothing suggestive or inappropriate like other theme parks. You won’t find anything gory or overly frightening, and nothing with dark or evil undertones.

This is a place where music, and thrills are safe, happy and utterly enjoyable for all ages.
It’s not nerdy; it’s not boring. It’s thrilling and exciting but with respectability and decorum.

Dollywood is a class act.