Steinhart Aquarium’s Sexy New Attraction

Our guest post comes from Howard Hian who was recently awarded a Gold Medal/First Place Award from the North American Travel Journalists Association’s annual international writing contest.  His prize winning story, Houseboating with My Pirate Pals, was in the Intergenerational Travel category.  In 2010 he also received a second place award in the Cancun International writers competition for his feature, Quintessential Quintana Roo.

On February 11th, the California Academy of Sciences opens Animal Attraction, in its Steinhart Aquarium.

This will prove to be a sexy new attraction for road tripping couples who find themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It will feature eighteen tanks focusing on mate selection, animal attraction, sex and reproduction. It highlights strategies that animals and plants have developed to attract partners assuring their genes are passed along to the next generation.

The California Academy of Sciences also houses the Morrison Planetarium and Kimball Natural History Museum. To learn more, call 1-415-379-8000 or logon to online to

Safe travels,

Howard Hian