Quality Travel Bag for Couples Who Travel with Their Dog

We travel as a couple a lot with our dogs and once in awhile I find a pet travel product or item that stands out in superior quality and Spurr’s Corner Handcraft’s Train and Treat Bag, is that kind of product.

All of their handmade, in Maine products are amazing and they have wonderful items for people who travel, hike, and road trip with their dogs.

I love their Treat and Train Bag. It holds about a cup full of food, snacks or training treats in a nice little lined and fully waterproof bag. The top has a cord and lockable toggle that cinches it closed which means no treats dropped on the ground, in the car or RV. I love this.

If you do use messy, gooey, stinky or moist treats like some of us, it’s fully washable as well.

The pouch is easily hung with the included carabiner clip to a backpack, purse, fanny pack, belt or belt loop.

It’s ultra lightweight but exceptionally well made. Of course, it’s made in the USA; how refreshing!

It comes in red, yellow, purple or two shades of blue.

Spurr’s Corner Handcraft offers other great dog accessories for folks who train or travel with their dogs, in their Two Dogs Apparel, line of handmade goods.