Travel: Villa Milagro

Our guest post comes from Kimberly Fisher, a freelance writer based in Beverly Hills and New York City.  She specializes in luxury travel, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. With extensive travel experience visiting some of the worlds most sought-after destinations, Kimberly is truly a connoisseur globetrotter.  She has traveled to over 39 countries and almost every US state. Her work has appeared in various English print and online media. She is the author of one book, “Promotional Modeling 101?. Visit her at:

photos courtesy of Kimberly Fisher

When a couple needs an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, head to Villa Milagro in Troncones, Mexico. Located on a secluded cove just north of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, the thatched-roof buildings face a perfect beach and the Pacific Ocean and have a magical and serene vibe. Villa Milagro, which translates to ‘House of Miracles”, is the perfect escape to rejuvenate and relax as it is surround by the sea, lush tropical landscape, and gorgeous mountain ranges.

A full scale wellness retreat and spa, Villa Milagro offers you things no other resort can: besides the usual activities of swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, golf and lounging by the pool,  the retreat also has dance, yoga, gigong, meditation, couples therapy, and other forms of holistic healing. Owner and PhD Berta Davis says “this is an exciting venture that is a unique approach to wellness and healing”.

photos courtesy of Kimberly Fisher

Throughout the year the resort will also host other healing professionals who combine mind, body, and spirit.

The actual design of Villa Milagro features few exterior walls and windows, bringing the outside in and vice versa. Architect Karina Cabana and her Contractor husband Gustavo Jasso used only sustainable building materials in the construction of Villa Milagro. The furniture is mostly bamboo and teak, and other renewable local tropical woods. The end result: earthy, natural, classy, sophistication.