Big Texan in Amarillo is Over the Top

On Route 66 in Amarillo Texas, Big Texan is over the top. They serve Calf Fries, reportedly an aphrodisiac by many—yes, calf testicles, but why not?

They actually really are delicious. Truly.

When in Texas, do as the Texans do…besides everything is big in Texas.

Especially the 72 oz. steak served for free if you can finish it all as well as the sides and fixin’s, in less than an hour.

If being kinder to the digestion is on the menu, the Big Texan has an array of various, less-obscene sizes of tender streak cuts, along with every side and beverage you’d expect from a famous steak house. The atmosphere is fun with calf skin tablecloths, conversation pieces, and live music.

You’ll want to check out the wall of fame where food gluttons have actually finished the 72 oz. Big Texan Steak and all the trimmings in less than an hour.

If you happen to be there when someone is trying the challenge, you’ll witness the momentous digital countdown as some adventrous soul sits on a platform making history like a stageact for all the patrons to watch. While the challenged diner devours the grub by a stopwatch, you”ll be tempted to cheer with the others while the spectacle unfolds.

The Big Texan is a must-stop landmark on Route 66 and a free limo will pick you up and bring you back from the Big Texan, at area hotels and inns. With a designated driver you can allow time to belly up to the bar and try some adult beverages to boot.