The Jersey Shore…Fer Shaur!

Our guest post comes from Kim Ruccione, RN, a city slicker at heart. Kim grew up in a small ethnic community 20 minutes outside the urban jungle of Manhattan.  Road Tripping for her family was taking a wrong turn off the Brooklyn bridge.  Day Trips to the Jersey shore were the summer highlight. Kim became a travel nurse and experienced places from Nantucket to Hawaii.  Kim considered it a thrill to spread her wings and get paid and has been trippin’ ever since. Now a Clinical Laser Nurse Specialist and mom of two elementary age girls, she’s published several articles in Dermatology journals and has lectured to Physician’s internationally. Kim’s girls have a goal to visit every state by the age of 15; Kim hopes to help them achieve that goal.

photos courtesy of Bob Hilton and Visit the Jersey Shore

Thinkin’ ‘bout visitin’ the Jersey Shaur dis summa’? Dat’s right, I’m tawkin’ Jersey to ya!  It most definitely has received its share of press, good ‘n bad with the notorious, over the top T.V. show, “The Jersey Shore.”  Let me share what I know ‘bout it.  You don’t wanna make a travel “fu paw” here and pass up one of the most exciting vacation spots for da summa!

After boning up on the lingo, the Jersey “shaur” is an amazing mix of fun, food, and a “heccka” good time!  It has excitement, thrills, Victorian towns, antique shoppin’, horse racin’, amusement “pawks”, the most gorgeous golf courses and of course sandy beaches for miles.  Fa-get-a-baut it!  Mr Toad’s Wild Ride can’t compete wit dis place!

photo courtesy of Visit the Jersey Shore

Most beaches have a small fee to enter. The only beaches free to the public are Wildwood, and Atlantic City.  Those who enjoy a little gaming thrill will find a small piece of Vegas in Atlantic City with shows, lights and glamour circling the air.   The stretch of boardwalk at these shore towns has endless thrills and excitement all day and night.

Jenkinson’s Pier in Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights are well known crowd pleasers. They are small enough to maneuver and vast enough for everyone to enjoy. Victorian sweets called salt-water taffy have been produced there since the late 1800’s…a must taste specialty of the shore along with many more sweet treats.  The aromas become ingrained in your brain as you stroll the boardwalk of little towns such as Seaside Heights, Asbury Park, Wildwood, Point Pleasant, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Cape May, Belmar and so many more. Your brain will get embalmed with the infusion of “sawsage” ‘n peppers sizzilin’, and pizza you order by yelling out, “trow me a slice.”  My all time favorite: an Italian “dawg” with the works.  Directly across is the fun house and Jenkinson’s Aquarium. These are great stops regardless of the weather.  Remember to pop into all the arcades for some good ol’ fun!

Newer developments such as Pier Village in Long Branch has a laid back, less tourist-y feel.  It’s perfect for strolling and peeking into the village shops.  For an outstanding view of the ocean and good ol’ American breakfast, stop at Turning Point to enjoy an alfresco style morning.

Across the street located on Long Branch’s oceanfront, McLoone’s serves up fresh seafood in an upscale casual setting and has a variety of live entertainment and a full bar. The crab cakes and the view are to die for.

photos courtesy of Visit the Jersey Shore

Lagosta-Lounge in Asbury Park has become the most talked about place this season. This Caribbean-inspired eatery has become the boardwalk’s most talked year-round hot spot.

A stone “trow” away is the famous Stone Pony Bar known for the days when The Boss and the E Street Band got their groove on.  It’s still jamming with local headliners. A less desirable area in recent years, it’s slowly becoming the crown jewel of the Jersey Shore as more and more places are rebuilding.

While in the area, remember Six Flags Amusement Park and the Mammoth Racetrack where thrills and excitement come together for all ages.  You’re sure to love the shore and all its exhilaration!